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Text Chat Readings

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This listing is for a 1:1 text chat tarot session. You can pay by the session (a full day), the week, or the month. If you are someone who gets regular readings from me, this is a great option for someone who enjoys the flow of conversation in reading and likes to cover multiple topics but prefers a more casual conversation in a texting format. This will be via text message (SMS). 

Together we can explore and talk about whatever topic you desire (within reason) This is a great option for those who do not like regular readings but do need someone to talk to, need advice on witchcraft, etc. The possibilities are long! We can make from this what you would like. 



 The bulk readings are for people who want multiple readings, but not necessarily consecutively.  These are discounted for buying them upfront.


  • This is NOT a sext chat service. There are providers out there for this kind of thing, 
    I am not one of them, please do not contact me on this basis.
  • Upon booking this, I will be emailing you a service agreement. Please see the list here, to review before booking. I recommend reading this in full before purchasing a reading from me, so we are both on the same page as to what to expect. 
  • My working hours, aka my availability to chat, are from 10 am-6 pm Pacific Standard Time. Any texts or orders received outside of working hours will be addressed first thing within them. 
  • Please see the drop-down menu, to choose from how much time you want to receive. This will be carefully tracked, and any texts sent outside of the paid-for window will be ignored.