Tarot Reading Acknowledgment

Thank you so much for wanting to chat with me!


I am so excited to read for you, chat, and help wherever I can.

Before we can begin it is of the utmost importance you understand what to expect from this service.

  • Upon receiving this and confirming for me that you agree to my terms, and like all my readings there will be no refunds. I don’t expect there to be any issues, but replying to this email with your number is an acknowledgment that you agree to these terms, including my well-stated no-refund policy. You are over the age of 18. Tarot is considered a gambling service, minors are not welcome to participate in this. Your order will be marked as complete at this time, regardless of the length of time (Shopify has time limits for me)
  • My working hours are at present 10 am-5 pm Pacific Standard Time. Any orders or messages sent out of office hours will be addressed as soon as office hours are in. 
  • These chats will be via text (sms) your carrier sets rates for this. If you don't have a texting plan and would prefer to do it via discord, or instagram let me know when you reply to my email. 
  • All services will be tracked. So upon our order being confirmed, you will be allowed your time starting from the acknowledgment of this list. So if you acknowledge this list at 8 pm and ordered a day pass, it will be good from, 10 am the next day, until 5 pm. 
  • Because this is a texting service unless we are in the middle of a conversation please allow a small wait of 15-20 minutes before receiving a response. This is in part why the texting service is slightly cheaper than a video chat service. 

Rules if broken are grounds for immediate blocking:

  • This is NOT A SEXUAL CONNECTION. While it may feel silly to see, at no point is it ever okay to send me inappropriate images, or sexual favors. Of course, we are all adults, you can discuss sex matters within the framework of advice via tarot. But I am not your girlfriend. This is not a sexting service. 
  • While at times I may give you bad news in your readings, sending me hateful messages or abuse, is grounds for automatic blocking with no refund. I am not your punching bag.

All this sounds daunting but I want to say thank you again, and I look forward to reading for you!