Return/Refund Policy

All products sold here at Tired Witch take a lot energy and intention. 
Because of this, there will be zero refunds on custom orders including tarot.
You can get a 50% refund on untampered with items, upon return. Any item that has been opened or tampered with, forefeits all return. I do not pay for your return label, and will require a tracking number to protect both myself and you.
No refunds after 7 days of receiving your item.
No refunds on any and all tarot readings.
Please remember, I am not Walmart, I am not Sephora. I am one person, who cannot re-sell tampered with items. 

Zero Refunds on Tarot Readings ever.
Face/audio chat readings, if you are a no show- you will be allotted ONE reschedule, and you are considered no show after 5 minutes passed your book time. Beyond that you will not be refunded, nor given a reschedule.