Smokeless Cleansing Mist

Smokeless Cleansing Mist

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Cleansing Mists are a smokeless alternative to traditional herb sticks for smoke cleansing. Maybe you live in a place where burning herbs isn't an option, maybe you are extremely sensitive to smoke or maybe you'd like a cost-effective quick cleansing alternative. This 4 oz spray is great for purifying your home and/or aura, especially in colder months when burning in your home may not be ideal.
Our Mists are specifically designed to help cleanse your space of negative energy. The filtered water used has been carefully charged under the Waning Moon on a Saturday, to help promote the clearing of negativity from your space. Enriched with Himalayan Pink Salt, it carries the qualities of purifying and love, while the Carnelian and Citrine crystals help carry out protection. Our smokeless sprays are always 100% alcohol-free, natural, and organic.
Depending on the type cleansing you are used to, we have a variety of herb bases, such as Sage, Sage-Lavender, Mugwort, and Palo-Santo.

Looking for a cleansing alternative not seen here? Shoot me an email!

Gently shake bottle before using. Spray around your body, spray crystals and/or wherever you normally burn herb sticks in your home to cleanse. Only 1-2 sprays necessary.
Disclaimer: this is a liquid-based cleansing spray, please be mindful of your crystals, and whether they can be in contact with water, before using this alternative.

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