Celtic Cross Reading

Celtic Cross Reading

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The Celtic Cross is a traditional spread that illuminates your past, present, and future possibilities, allowing you to examine a fairly complex situation/set of attitudes. This in-depth spread is a great anchor for clarifying situations and evoking additional questions. This is one of my most complex reads and is the ideal spread for a generalized reading, or if you don't have a specific question. This is the perfect spread for someone who just wants a general check-in!

Please in your message include your question, first name, email and date of birth, year not necessary. Your answers will be provided to you, in your email. 

Disclaimer: I will never answer orders regarding legal matters, medical matters, illegal activity, gambling or anyone's death.

These readings will be provided via email. If you wish to book a Skype or phone reading please contact me as the prices are greater.

Upon purchase of this reading, please expect an email with my Calendly calendar, to pick a day for your reading, as to know when to expect your reading by! If for some reason you need it the same day, please respond to my email with that, or email me, to pay a 10 dollar surcharge of same-day delivery. 

Readings are always confidential.